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Why Outsource with Data Resources Unlimited Inc?

We feel there are certain details that we focus on at Data Resources Unlimited Inc. that seem to slip through the cracks with other Release of Information companies.  What makes us different from your average Release of Information company?

Time and Money

This is a free service to your facility.  Data Resources Unlimited, Inc. provides fully trained staff dedicated only to release of information.  Too often, facility staff are overburdened with more duties than hours in the work day.  When you outsource with us, your staff can concentrate on things other than release of information, knowing this process is in capable hands.

Knowledgeable yet Personal

Our motto is “Large enough to meet your needs, but small enough for hometown service”.  We feel we provide a personal touch that simply cannot be met through a larger streamlined-process company.  There is more flexibility in our model, and we can modify and tailor our services to fit your needs.  We are confident that through our personal, consistent service, you will find a company with people you like and trust to meet your highly complex Release of Information needs.  Our employees are provided on-going training in Release of Information and ever-evolving HIPAA regulations.  However, unlike larger companies, we believe hands-on involvement from top executives to field medical record

specialists is a key ingredient to success in this industry.  With over 40 years of combined experience in the medical field, we are ready, willing and able to meet your every need!

Confidentiality and HIPAA Compliance

Data Resources Unlimited, Inc. employees are trained on HIPAA Compliance and confidentiality from the first day of employment.  All employees sign confidentiality agreements, and are trained on the consequences of breaches.  We have also developed a system of checks and balances which further reduces the likelihood of incorrect information being sent to requesters.

Focus on Accuracy

Unlike most other Release of Information companies, Data Resources Unlimited Inc. has developed a system of checks and balances ensuring that each designated record set goes through a three point inspection.  Our field medical record specialists are trained to check for accuracy while processing the request and again after processing.  When the record set is retrieved by the office specialist it undergoes a third check by a different “set of eyes”.  We feel this process will greatly diminish the risk of a breach, and can only increase our compliance goals.  We worry so you won’t have to!

Customer Service is Paramount

Customer Service is paramount to us at Data Resources Unlimited Inc.  Requesters, patients and

facilities will always be met with courteous and helpful attitudes, and will never be left on hold for unreasonable amounts of time.  They may be asked to leave a message, but calls will be promptly returned, and satisfaction is our ultimate goal!

Technology and Turnaround Time

Like most other Release of Information companies, Data Resources Unlimited Inc. is HIPPA Compliant in every way.  We use password protected equipment and industry standard encryption, ensuring patients’ privacy and security.  Unlike most other Release of Information companies we perform our three point inspection, yet still maintain a policy of sending records to requesters within 24 hours.  We don’t believe you should sacrifice quality for fast turnaround when you can have both.