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release of information services

QA/Invoicing/customer service

If you currently have staff available and prefer to utilize them to authenticate, verify and scan medical records, we can provide any combination of back office support. This would include any combination of quality assurance reviews, invoicing, collections and customer service.  Our quality assurance review involves an office specialist reviewing every page of each designated record set for accuracy.  Also, we perform a secondary check for sensitive information not covered by the authorization.  If you have available office staff and would like to utilize this option, please let us know, and we can provide a custom solution for you.

IN-house release of information

Your facility pulls charts to be processed, and Data Resources Unlimited Inc. takes it from there.  Our staff fulfills all Release of Information requests, including document scanning, quality assurance reviews and Accounting of Disclosures at your facility. The records go through another quality assurance review at our office.  Our office also handles invoicing, collections and customer service.  We handle the process from beginning to end, alleviating costs and compliance issues associated with staffing.  Please contact us for more information.