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The Intricate Process

Release of Information sounds like a simple term.  However, it is an intricate process consisting of 

several steps for Data Resources Unlimited Inc. field and office personnel. 

Field Medical Record Specialist Responsibilities:

*Verify accuracy of requests and authorizations.  Read each request and authorization.  Validate that the patient  signature matches chart signature, and that the authorization is dated.

*Authenticate that the authorization is HIPAA Compliant.  Verify that all core HIPAA requirements are present on each authorization.

*Verify that dates of service requested are covered on authorization.

*If request is valid, determine what information is being requested (i.e. office notes, lab, ekg, xray, etc).

*Scan only necessary information.

*Stamp and document on request information scanned, date scanned, and  rep name.

*Double check scanned records, ensuring request, authorization and patient records are correct, legible and clear.

*Log request for HIPAA Accounting of Disclosures, documenting what information was scanned, requester name, patient name and date scanned.

*Upload to office as soon as possible, but no later than 8 hours after scanning.

*If the request and/or authorization is not valid or if there is sensitive information contained in the chart that is not covered under the authorization, scan request and authorization, documenting the issue on request.  Upload to office for requester notification.

Office Specialist Responsibilities:

*Retrieve records.

*Review request and authorization to verify all required HIPAA components are met.

*Provide quality review of every page of each designated record set, ensuring correct patient name and date of birth on each page.  Also perform secondary check for sensitive information not covered by authorization.

*Invoice and send records to requesters within 24 hours.

*If a request was not processed due to invalidity, notify requester.